Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Painful to be a Sexy Man

Wednesday was intense. I mean, really intense. Since someone I call Mr. Simons was over, I had to be in my dominating mood. First off, I finished my photography book! I don't care how much you guys try to save paper, I made up for all that saving yesterday. I wasted so much paper it wasn't even funny. I thought I was all fancy when I cut four pieces of paper at the same time. Little did I know what I cut them all at the wrong length. Oh well, I got it right the second time.

Now, since this is the now generation, (sorry, listening to BEP)I had to have the strength NOW to own Mr. Simons at life. Too bad I can't do that, but at least I beat him in a curling contest. He's got me beat with those bench-presses, but not for long... We had an intensely awesome work out, then we went for a possible three mile. I almost had a heart attack and died. Ok not really, but it was intense--filled with pain.

Right when we got back from the run, the dearest Father and Mother arrived from a half a week long conference retreat. What was my present? candy, and a bar of soap labeled: Sexy Man. Now that is what I'm talking about. Nothing really significant happened after that. Hooked up internet on a computer, almost beat Mr. Simons in an arm wrestle, ate hamburgers, reviewed the Quinquae Viae (good stuff!), and had a good sleep. Have a good day guys!

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