Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack Vs. Paul cont.

Two more rhymes from me and Jack.

Jack: "Playa hatin on a playa? Man I'll see u lata. See me in the lane now you don't, I'm da maya. I'm headed to the rim, Jack gonna get it in. I just wanna ball and rap, what's yo problem? Whenever my hands touch da rock HOT, look and the poor little rim ROCK. Balla girls like to see when I deliver, I make their little pom poms quiver, JACK"

Paul: "You be playin bball while I be playing football, you be draining all dem shots, I be throwin passes hot. The thing that's between you 'n me's, are rappin capabilities. I see you now, you're feeling good, you're feeling all down in da hood. But I gotta break it to ya boy, your rhymes are startin to annoy. I don't know if it's just me, but to a very certain degree it sounds like all those other guys. Yeah, the ones who think they're cool, the ones who think they make girls drool. you sound like them, but that's not great, original is what you ain't."


Anonymous said...

i likey

Anonymous said...

I say Paul wins!