Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jack Vs. Paul

So me and and a friend named Jack had a little rap war. Read it then tell me who you think won on the poll to the RIGHT!!!!

Paul: "I be choppin' down trees. With a bend of my knees, I take a swing, like a king. It falls down SMACK! Cus what I'm the Lumber Jack!"

Jack: " Yo I be playin ball, bouncin off da walls, makin dat rain fall when I shoot I sco, yea yea u know, my name is PAUL"

Paul: "That rhyme was pretty snazzy, I thought it was quite classy, you do yo thang well, my goodness, it was swell. But I mean, that's you! Whatever you do, you get it done and through. And who are you? Yeah, that's right, it's Mr. Jack Dawson, no not that creeper from that boat movie, he's over done. He's the man with skill, the man who wouldn't kill, but I assure you right now, he's beastly cause he's big and buff, and he ain't li'l !!!"

Jack: "Ay dat beat was pretty sweet, spittin at me with yo lyrics, tryin ta act cool like I don't wanna hear it. But imma be real, goin till da end, forever I will fight, with u my friend. Now as I said before I'm da best there Eva was, and you know why? There ain't mo reasons, just bcuz, holla"

Paul: " I see how it is. This some kinda quiz? If it was I'd get an A, heck I'd get them all day. So you want a fight? Psh, go fly a kite. If you think you can beat me, you sir are very wrong, come on, you think winning only means being strong? Yeah, you're all fitty, but I'm not, because I'm witty. And I don't let people down, by not coming around. "I'll go next week I promise" And who showed up? It's Thomas! No, not Mr. Jack. He wouldn't do that! But yes he did and now he wants some lessons at least, but guess what yo, you ain't gettin nuttin from this Beast!"

Jack: : Oh so u gonna act tough, spittin out ur stuff? Well that stuffs just weak, so go and take a seat. I'll show you how's it's done, you ask why? I'm numba one, peace"

Paul: "Oh, jack be nimble, oh Jack be quick, to bad your rhymes are only fit for stupid chick flicks. Oh wait, that's what you like! Ha ha Jack just take a hike, please, do us a favor and hand over that mic!"

Jack: so you really wanna ball? See what I got? 'round here I'm da man, makin all da shots. What u got is weak man, not even close, do better next time try not ta choke. Gimme dat mic"

Paul: "See, here's the thing, I'd gladly give you the mic. The problem is that when you get it with all the other rappers, you sound alike! Rhyme, rhythm is what you got, originality is what you're not! And guess what boy? That's what you need! And since I got it, I'LL succeed."

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