Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paulogarithmic Rule #68

Rule #68: "lol" followed by a "Haha" (vice versa) is cyberlogically incorrect.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paulathmatics 101

Paulogarithm (Paw-law-guh-rith-MMMmm)

1.(on ideas of life) a very pleasing and delightful thought.
2. Something that must be shared for all to understand more deeply the beauty, tranquility, and deliciousness of life.
3. Pertaining to objects, ideas, actions etc. which are extremely classy.

HISTORY: A secret book was created by the founder of Paulathmatics and also Paulogarithms which was consisted of many Paulogarithms. The book is divided into sections of Rules, Lessons, Ideas, and others. Through a period of time, the Paulogarithms will be revealed to all.

RULE #26: With Cranberries, Pancakes are given 60% more flavor, 40% more juiciness, and 100% more reasoning to devour another.