Monday, January 17, 2011

Paul's Attack 3

For some, this may be old news. But for others, possibly without a Facebook account, enjoy this video I created.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paul vs Jack 2

It's been a while since an actual post. Recently, I had a brief rap battle with The Lumberjack.

Paul:Yo Jack, It's been a while since we battled a ton,
Now the season for the reason is getting close to bei'n done.
Before you go away and settle back in your college,
let me say to you: good luck and gather plenty of knowledge.

Jack:Paul Paul it has been too long,
Thanks for wishing me well when I'm gone.
I just want to remind you that I'm the best,
I must confess, you're raps just look like an easy test, I'll take a rest

Paul:Oh, dear Jack, is this what college is all about?
Thinking you're the best and spittin' tunes out your snout?
Oh please, just go back there even though I got doubts,
I'm working on how to save you. How? I'm soon to find out

Jack:Paul don't even try to get me started
You stinkin up this game like somebody farted
But enough of that, back to the basics
I'm gonna run all over you like a pair of asics.

Paul:Ew, do you smell that? I think it's your ego,
So bad I can't breath, can't imagine where you go.
To get smelling this bad, but that's alright,
I'm sticking around, to help straighten your head right.

Jack: Paul little paul man, ive had a long talk man,
with myself i needa set things straight,
right now u just in last, better hope that you ain't late, cuzz
Right now I'm just foolin you, betta be ready to hear the truth.
Spittin my rhymes, reppin my game,
Paul wit dis one imma make you go insane.
I say we settle it now, aint it time to compromise?
Come on paul, give up, come on over to the winners side

Paul:Eh, being last ain't so bad if I'm in it
cus late game is where I'm gonna go and benifit
Hey, you know what I'm talking the last shall be first,
Oh wait, you don't know that? Cus I thought you were versed!
I certainly hope I'm going to the winners side, but that sure ain't you,
It's up above where I am leanin toward, not an average ole foo.