Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010


Well, it's been a while... Oh well, here's a random poem I wrote. It's short, yet sweet-- at least that's what I think.

So, one day I saw something, that after that made me go sing, and laugh and pray and think all day, on what I saw, but did not say.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Serve the Lord

We should serve the Lord with lots o' gladness,
We should think of Him, to take away all our sadness.
He's our only hope for our sinful madness,
Because he gives us confession Where we confess our badness.

Friday, July 30, 2010

what I do.

At first I wanted answers to the things I used to do. But now I go and do them, without questioning you. It's kind of strange not knowing, 'why?' But I do it anyway: hoping to find the answer just some other day.
At first I wanted answers to the things I used to do. But now I go and do them, without questioning you. It's kind of strange not knowing, 'why?' But I do it anyway: hoping to find the answer just some other day.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JvP cont. 3

Jack: "I know that ya lost, hey we all can't win. Just be glad I let ya down easy, o just got a strike with 12 pins, ya that means I won hit it outta the park, gonna light u up as come outta the DARK space where I was tryin ta think of things to say, but now u called me so I gotta go in all da way. Now I didn't want all dis attention no not one bit, but now ur callin me a loser? Do u wanna get hit? Oh man here we go, the show just got started quit givin me dem lyrics and actin ratarded, like u da best and I'm da worst. Oh man just forget it, you know who's first. Now before i say goodbye maybe for the last time, I just gotta say one thing: u wanna duke with me? Work on ur rythym and ur rhym"

Paul: "You let me down, in multiple ways but your coming down with me now, yeah today. You're putting words in my mouth, boy, never called you a loser. Why you acting high like that? Are you some kind of a user? I'm the light in the dark, yeah that feisty little spark, if you hit me you'll get burned, so go ahead 'round you turn! Well in the end of course your first, didn't you listen to that guy named Jesus? The guy who taught all that we know to us? Well, yeah, that's where I learn my stuff. I learn to love, I learn to let go. Even to a guy like you? Uh-hu, fo sho. You wanna hit my cheek? A guy who you call weak? Well you can give it a try, I'll just turn to the other side so I can let you hit me one more time Cus that's what Jesus said to do, and I'm sure that stuff is true. I'm not gonna fight, but you I'll love, cus after all this I want my reward from above."

Monday, July 19, 2010

JvP. Cont.2

Jack: "Man playin football is just fo suckas, why don't u just go home cryin to yo motha. Cuz dats whatcha gonna do when dis rap is through. Uh Paul da man, you ain't no man no more. Just get to the back and start sweepin da floor. That's gonna be your job from here on out, now dat I'm in town man I'm all about, makin dat money so new and fresh, so crispy clean like the ice on my neck. Homie I got it all don't even try and mess"

Paul: " I don't eva recall seeing you in town, you show up to nothin cus you're at home in your night gown while your sippin on your tea and of course thinking about me, and that it'd be awesome if in my shoes you could be. But Jack I must say something to thou, this little rap war been fun, no doubt! And with all your crazy beats and junk you quenched my thirst. I'd say you won, even Jesus said the last shall be first."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack Vs. Paul cont.

Two more rhymes from me and Jack.

Jack: "Playa hatin on a playa? Man I'll see u lata. See me in the lane now you don't, I'm da maya. I'm headed to the rim, Jack gonna get it in. I just wanna ball and rap, what's yo problem? Whenever my hands touch da rock HOT, look and the poor little rim ROCK. Balla girls like to see when I deliver, I make their little pom poms quiver, JACK"

Paul: "You be playin bball while I be playing football, you be draining all dem shots, I be throwin passes hot. The thing that's between you 'n me's, are rappin capabilities. I see you now, you're feeling good, you're feeling all down in da hood. But I gotta break it to ya boy, your rhymes are startin to annoy. I don't know if it's just me, but to a very certain degree it sounds like all those other guys. Yeah, the ones who think they're cool, the ones who think they make girls drool. you sound like them, but that's not great, original is what you ain't."

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jack Vs. Paul

So me and and a friend named Jack had a little rap war. Read it then tell me who you think won on the poll to the RIGHT!!!!

Paul: "I be choppin' down trees. With a bend of my knees, I take a swing, like a king. It falls down SMACK! Cus what I'm the Lumber Jack!"

Jack: " Yo I be playin ball, bouncin off da walls, makin dat rain fall when I shoot I sco, yea yea u know, my name is PAUL"

Paul: "That rhyme was pretty snazzy, I thought it was quite classy, you do yo thang well, my goodness, it was swell. But I mean, that's you! Whatever you do, you get it done and through. And who are you? Yeah, that's right, it's Mr. Jack Dawson, no not that creeper from that boat movie, he's over done. He's the man with skill, the man who wouldn't kill, but I assure you right now, he's beastly cause he's big and buff, and he ain't li'l !!!"

Jack: "Ay dat beat was pretty sweet, spittin at me with yo lyrics, tryin ta act cool like I don't wanna hear it. But imma be real, goin till da end, forever I will fight, with u my friend. Now as I said before I'm da best there Eva was, and you know why? There ain't mo reasons, just bcuz, holla"

Paul: " I see how it is. This some kinda quiz? If it was I'd get an A, heck I'd get them all day. So you want a fight? Psh, go fly a kite. If you think you can beat me, you sir are very wrong, come on, you think winning only means being strong? Yeah, you're all fitty, but I'm not, because I'm witty. And I don't let people down, by not coming around. "I'll go next week I promise" And who showed up? It's Thomas! No, not Mr. Jack. He wouldn't do that! But yes he did and now he wants some lessons at least, but guess what yo, you ain't gettin nuttin from this Beast!"

Jack: : Oh so u gonna act tough, spittin out ur stuff? Well that stuffs just weak, so go and take a seat. I'll show you how's it's done, you ask why? I'm numba one, peace"

Paul: "Oh, jack be nimble, oh Jack be quick, to bad your rhymes are only fit for stupid chick flicks. Oh wait, that's what you like! Ha ha Jack just take a hike, please, do us a favor and hand over that mic!"

Jack: so you really wanna ball? See what I got? 'round here I'm da man, makin all da shots. What u got is weak man, not even close, do better next time try not ta choke. Gimme dat mic"

Paul: "See, here's the thing, I'd gladly give you the mic. The problem is that when you get it with all the other rappers, you sound alike! Rhyme, rhythm is what you got, originality is what you're not! And guess what boy? That's what you need! And since I got it, I'LL succeed."

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ello, ello, ello, ello. Hey, I got a question for you, a question that I think is sorta overdue. So, what about this Mr. Campbell job, did you get a call back? Are you feeling some pride? If, so, yes or no? And give us a ring, I'm curious to know about how you're doing!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July weekend!

This Fourth of July weekend was actually about a five day weekend starting Thursday. Friday was the shopping day and cleaning for the party. Lets just put out another basic about me: I like food. Actually, I love food. So we got some pretty tasty stuff. Pop is delicious, especially Coke and Dr. Pepper, so we got plenty of that. I, in fact, have a can in my bag right now which I will drain soon--the only thing I have for sustenance. But anyway, Friday was the food and drink gathering and other preparation for the party.

Well, what can I say? Saturday was a good day. Started a bit slow, but after a few games of corn hole and a few people showing up we got a game o' football going! There were some insane catches by the other team from telephone wire interference. Yeah, we were losing, until I caught probably one of the best catches of my life! Of course a nicely throw ball from Mr. Moss himself. It was almost a 360 in the air, and somehow I ended up on the ground with the ball. We decided to play with next point wins, and after some good D, and driving the ball down field, we won it. Good times. The party kept on getting better! There was food, water volleyball, dancing, fireworks, euchre, all that good stuff. I have to say, friends are the best!

Then Sunday came along! Church, then clean up was a snap. Then it was pretty much a day of hanging out. It was nice and restful. Monday was good as well! Brother came back from boating, and we made some tasty tasty chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Then, the departure... *tear* Everyone left. It was a bit sad, but be assured, this was a weekend not to forget!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Extra! Extra!

Extra Extra!!! Newsies are gonna win! Yep, last was was the Newsies play. Minus the Eminem music, I think it was one of the best plays I have ever seen! Jack Kelly was a beast!!! Probably better than Christian Bale. Seriously, he was amazing.

Tomorrow is the party... Oh my... I'm kinda scared. I feel like someone is going to either die, get cut, be dissatisfied, or mortally wounded in badminton. No, but seriously, this is kinda scary. Lots o' Friends are coming... Well, maybe. At least Mr. C is coming. Little does he know I wrote him something. Hehehehe.... I hope/know he'll like it. Wish me luck, and if you would, pray for me. Why not, right?

Thursday, July 1, 2010


All we do is try to love,
a simple thing, yet out we're shoved.
We fall into this empty bowl,
tossed side to side out of control.
Was all this love thrown out in vain?
Was all of this worth all the pain?
Temptation tries to answer: no!
To say that this was all for show,
and nothing happened deep inside,
except that it certainly died.
It's hard too see the good in this,
it's hard to run through what's been missed.
Be assured that good things done,
are not in vain, but they have won.

It's Painful to be a Sexy Man

Wednesday was intense. I mean, really intense. Since someone I call Mr. Simons was over, I had to be in my dominating mood. First off, I finished my photography book! I don't care how much you guys try to save paper, I made up for all that saving yesterday. I wasted so much paper it wasn't even funny. I thought I was all fancy when I cut four pieces of paper at the same time. Little did I know what I cut them all at the wrong length. Oh well, I got it right the second time.

Now, since this is the now generation, (sorry, listening to BEP)I had to have the strength NOW to own Mr. Simons at life. Too bad I can't do that, but at least I beat him in a curling contest. He's got me beat with those bench-presses, but not for long... We had an intensely awesome work out, then we went for a possible three mile. I almost had a heart attack and died. Ok not really, but it was intense--filled with pain.

Right when we got back from the run, the dearest Father and Mother arrived from a half a week long conference retreat. What was my present? candy, and a bar of soap labeled: Sexy Man. Now that is what I'm talking about. Nothing really significant happened after that. Hooked up internet on a computer, almost beat Mr. Simons in an arm wrestle, ate hamburgers, reviewed the Quinquae Viae (good stuff!), and had a good sleep. Have a good day guys!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Snap! I Ate the Bacon!

I just found out my hip-hop class is a ten week class. Lame. But oh well! Yesterday, my partner for hip-hop didn't show up, so I was putting my hands on an imaginary shoulder and back and popped my hips. Yes, that's actually what I'm supposed to do. Well, it does sound like "Hip...pop" so, popping my hips is very understandable. Plus one of the songs I'm dancing to is London Bridge, by Fergie... Oh wait... maybe I shouldn't have ruined the surprise...Oh SNAP!... That is only funny if you've heard the clean version of London Bridge.
Photography was looooong and boring. Thankfully, after some talking with the teacher, I will be able to hand in my assignment on Thursday so I can go see the Newsies! It better be good, because I spent way too much time making sure I got everything right, took a good weekend to finish all the pictures, and skipping my photo class. If it isn't, I will boo at the end. Just kidding, I would never do that. Unless it was a play that I directed.
Do you know what the greatest food in the world is? Yes, chicken marsala, but something just as good is simply this: Bacon. Notice that I capitalized it, because it's just as important as a proper name. I had bacon in hash-browns with possibly cream cheese? I don't know, but it sure was good! I had a huge plate of it around 10:30. What can I say? It filled my belly.
What happened today? Well, you will have to wait till tomorrow to find out.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three Times a charm? Charm is the Wrong Word.

Ok, lets get to some more basics about me--historical-wise. I'd have to say I'm a pretty decent guy, not to shabby at least. Lets just say I'm not easily slighted. Only three times, I repeat, three times I was slighted by fools. I'd have to say that number is charming, yet despicable. We will skip the first two, but the last one did me in. A so called "kind" young sir decided to not attend a swing dance last night. Good friend actually. This man savagely skipped the dance, like all the other times. Sick, just sick! He said he will be coming the next week. Yippy? I think not. I might just not even go.

Besides that, the dance was ok. Met some new people, got awkwardly asked by two girls at the same time... a bit confusing, but yeah, learned some new moves, and was just rocking out. Pretty interesting stuff... yep... Does it seem that I'm getting extremely bored? I think I am... Yeah...

I finished my Photoshop pictures!!!!!! So excited to print them out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wet, Tanned, and Lots of Ice Cream

So, today was a very eventful day! Woke up, tossed a football around, and then had breakfast. There are a lot of things that one can be addicted to, but let me tell you right now, that a blueberry bagel is the worst! Especially with tons of cream cheese on it. One word: delicious. Then, since the youngins wanted to over dose on ice cream, I just had to have some... To make sure they didn't have too much of course. Then only about 20 minutes later they wanted another bowl, so I had to intervene to save their pathetic lives from IceCreamostinosis (A disease only contracted if there is an ice cream-serving overdose. Very rare in monkeys and other wild life).

So, lets get to some basics: I fail, you fail, we all fail. So, I decided to be interviewed about my failings. The camera was running out of batteries, so it was brief, yet, I got frustrated and walked off, only to find myself trip and fall on the ground... FAIL. But, it was just for dramatic effect. Like most of the great things I say for do. Anyway, after that I spent a good time working out to get big and buff so people can call me the Lapinator. Not like that's gonna happen, but you never know, we didn't think we could go to the moon, right? Right...?

One more thing: water. Yep, lots of it. Tis the best when a volleyball net is put in it. Especially for parties. So, that's what I did! For a party which will be held held soon, I took out the net, drilled in some poles, and tied it on. Then a took a quick swim. Hoping to get a tan, I just stayed out for a while longer--switching sides for ultimate tanned perfection.

Other than that, I've been working my photoshopping. That's coming along. Only about a picture and a half left! So excited to get done. It's a nice day out, so go out side!!!!! Swing dancing tonight, and it is going to be a blast!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Marsala Goes a Long Way

Well, I can say, I had one of the best meals ever last night. Sure, the potatoes were a little bit under cooked, but the main dish was fantastic! Marsala, chicken marsala, was her name. Now she's in my stomach having a party with those delicious stomach acids-- break it out down girl, break it down. Noodles? Yep, perfect noodlesc with olive oil and a bit of cheese mixed with the marsala sauce, are probably the only things that has been smuggled out of heaven: I don't know who you are that did it, but thank you.

After that delicious and most nutritious meal, guess what? Yep... You guessed it.. Back to photoshop. Took me infinity to figure out how to make text fit to piano keys, and that was really distorting my mind... If you know photoshop, you probably should be laughing right now. The good news is that I finished two pictures for my six picture project. The second picture has lyrics that I wrote on it. It's a song that I wrote for someone dear to me... This person doesn't know I wrote it, so shhhh! Other than that, I have no idea what I'm going to do for the other images. Hopefully I'll figure something out.

Today I am probably going to film interviews of our family and their fails. This is going to be very interesting. I might post it on Youtube, so if I do I'll be sure to add a link! Have a good day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bright Outside, Dark Inside--It's Ok, Happy Birthday.

Saturday!!! Me and her have a love-hate relationship. I love her because I have no school, nice day, just kind of lazing around... But... Sadly, I have to vacuum!!! It's such a nice day outside, but I decide to engage myself in hours of photoshop editing. Am I going crazy? No, just getting ahead of the game... Sort of.

Last night I stayed up till 12am to be the first one to write a happy birthday note on someone who I call Mr. C! Hey! I'll post it. What a good idea?!
(PHILLIP 1:1-3)
Mr. C, there are a lot of things I could say to you right now: how great youth group was, how much you'll be missed, or just plainly that you're a great guy and how I'm blessed to know you. Right now, I'm not going to say that-- I just hope my actions and the way I live show those things to you. Right now, I'm just gonna make it clean and simple: Happy birthday Mr. C, and God Bless you on your future and whatever challenges you face.

--That's to you Mr. C!

Today, I am hoping to go to a graduation party. Not sure if I can make it, that vacuum is really heavy, and the house is full of dust. It will take me hours each square inch of carpet! Ok, that's not really my reason for not going. I need a ride... A license would be nice, maybe a car, job, and possibly a private plane-- for those occasional flights to the store. But yes, that's my day, probably more editing of photos. Have a good day!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Medieval-man they called me in my years,
My title passed the name of Charlemagne
All faces I have met now drown in fears.
My power seemed like it would never wane.
My kingdom once was split in many parts,
By very foolish relatives of mine,
But after months of hardening their hearts,
I conquered them and after felt divine.
But most great figures' destinies are grey,
For I was slain by friends through thoughts of greed.
A reenactment of "Et Tu Brute,"
And instantly from power did recede.
A Lesson to assist you lest you fail,
To only fear one word and that's betray'l.
Who am I? You sure you want to know? Here it is: I'm spider.... Just kidding, I wish.
Some people find me odd, some find me smart, and some find me pretty amazing. I beg to differ about the last one, but I'd say I'm just normal me-- if normal is even normal these days. Some say I'd pass for 21, others say I look younger than I am, but I'm actually a ripe age of about 16... Praying that I'll make it at least to 17. It's also funny that people say that I look, or looked like a girl, but that's because I had lusciously long hair-- curly long hair (so happy to cut it). Be assured that I grew my hair out for a good cause. Anyway, that's an extremely short BIO, an extreme to the extreme. I hope to see all my non existent followers another day!

Here's how my Thursday went...

Well, what can I say? My Thursday this week (June 24th) was not exactly the greatest day of my life. In fact, it might have been the worse. Ok, not really, but it wasn't good. I woke up, showered, then scooted of to mass at Domino's Farms. I was very late... Oh well, it still was a mass. My first class at WCC did not go too well. I wasn't hip-hopping away like I used to. Sad really. At least a friend gave me a delicious donut after class (Which I devoured the next morning) that made my day. Then, a few hours of pain and agony of doing a photoshop test, guess what!? I spend another hour trying to figure out how to open RAW files in photoshop. Just my luck! I finally found out, well, my sister did, but by that time it was late, so I went to sleep! Hence ending a very interesting day.