Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JvP cont. 3

Jack: "I know that ya lost, hey we all can't win. Just be glad I let ya down easy, o just got a strike with 12 pins, ya that means I won hit it outta the park, gonna light u up as come outta the DARK space where I was tryin ta think of things to say, but now u called me so I gotta go in all da way. Now I didn't want all dis attention no not one bit, but now ur callin me a loser? Do u wanna get hit? Oh man here we go, the show just got started quit givin me dem lyrics and actin ratarded, like u da best and I'm da worst. Oh man just forget it, you know who's first. Now before i say goodbye maybe for the last time, I just gotta say one thing: u wanna duke with me? Work on ur rythym and ur rhym"

Paul: "You let me down, in multiple ways but your coming down with me now, yeah today. You're putting words in my mouth, boy, never called you a loser. Why you acting high like that? Are you some kind of a user? I'm the light in the dark, yeah that feisty little spark, if you hit me you'll get burned, so go ahead 'round you turn! Well in the end of course your first, didn't you listen to that guy named Jesus? The guy who taught all that we know to us? Well, yeah, that's where I learn my stuff. I learn to love, I learn to let go. Even to a guy like you? Uh-hu, fo sho. You wanna hit my cheek? A guy who you call weak? Well you can give it a try, I'll just turn to the other side so I can let you hit me one more time Cus that's what Jesus said to do, and I'm sure that stuff is true. I'm not gonna fight, but you I'll love, cus after all this I want my reward from above."

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Donnamarie said...

love it! (sorry Fr G)