Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July weekend!

This Fourth of July weekend was actually about a five day weekend starting Thursday. Friday was the shopping day and cleaning for the party. Lets just put out another basic about me: I like food. Actually, I love food. So we got some pretty tasty stuff. Pop is delicious, especially Coke and Dr. Pepper, so we got plenty of that. I, in fact, have a can in my bag right now which I will drain soon--the only thing I have for sustenance. But anyway, Friday was the food and drink gathering and other preparation for the party.

Well, what can I say? Saturday was a good day. Started a bit slow, but after a few games of corn hole and a few people showing up we got a game o' football going! There were some insane catches by the other team from telephone wire interference. Yeah, we were losing, until I caught probably one of the best catches of my life! Of course a nicely throw ball from Mr. Moss himself. It was almost a 360 in the air, and somehow I ended up on the ground with the ball. We decided to play with next point wins, and after some good D, and driving the ball down field, we won it. Good times. The party kept on getting better! There was food, water volleyball, dancing, fireworks, euchre, all that good stuff. I have to say, friends are the best!

Then Sunday came along! Church, then clean up was a snap. Then it was pretty much a day of hanging out. It was nice and restful. Monday was good as well! Brother came back from boating, and we made some tasty tasty chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers. Then, the departure... *tear* Everyone left. It was a bit sad, but be assured, this was a weekend not to forget!

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