Monday, July 19, 2010

JvP. Cont.2

Jack: "Man playin football is just fo suckas, why don't u just go home cryin to yo motha. Cuz dats whatcha gonna do when dis rap is through. Uh Paul da man, you ain't no man no more. Just get to the back and start sweepin da floor. That's gonna be your job from here on out, now dat I'm in town man I'm all about, makin dat money so new and fresh, so crispy clean like the ice on my neck. Homie I got it all don't even try and mess"

Paul: " I don't eva recall seeing you in town, you show up to nothin cus you're at home in your night gown while your sippin on your tea and of course thinking about me, and that it'd be awesome if in my shoes you could be. But Jack I must say something to thou, this little rap war been fun, no doubt! And with all your crazy beats and junk you quenched my thirst. I'd say you won, even Jesus said the last shall be first."

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