Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh Snap! I Ate the Bacon!

I just found out my hip-hop class is a ten week class. Lame. But oh well! Yesterday, my partner for hip-hop didn't show up, so I was putting my hands on an imaginary shoulder and back and popped my hips. Yes, that's actually what I'm supposed to do. Well, it does sound like "Hip...pop" so, popping my hips is very understandable. Plus one of the songs I'm dancing to is London Bridge, by Fergie... Oh wait... maybe I shouldn't have ruined the surprise...Oh SNAP!... That is only funny if you've heard the clean version of London Bridge.
Photography was looooong and boring. Thankfully, after some talking with the teacher, I will be able to hand in my assignment on Thursday so I can go see the Newsies! It better be good, because I spent way too much time making sure I got everything right, took a good weekend to finish all the pictures, and skipping my photo class. If it isn't, I will boo at the end. Just kidding, I would never do that. Unless it was a play that I directed.
Do you know what the greatest food in the world is? Yes, chicken marsala, but something just as good is simply this: Bacon. Notice that I capitalized it, because it's just as important as a proper name. I had bacon in hash-browns with possibly cream cheese? I don't know, but it sure was good! I had a huge plate of it around 10:30. What can I say? It filled my belly.
What happened today? Well, you will have to wait till tomorrow to find out.

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