Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Marsala Goes a Long Way

Well, I can say, I had one of the best meals ever last night. Sure, the potatoes were a little bit under cooked, but the main dish was fantastic! Marsala, chicken marsala, was her name. Now she's in my stomach having a party with those delicious stomach acids-- break it out down girl, break it down. Noodles? Yep, perfect noodlesc with olive oil and a bit of cheese mixed with the marsala sauce, are probably the only things that has been smuggled out of heaven: I don't know who you are that did it, but thank you.

After that delicious and most nutritious meal, guess what? Yep... You guessed it.. Back to photoshop. Took me infinity to figure out how to make text fit to piano keys, and that was really distorting my mind... If you know photoshop, you probably should be laughing right now. The good news is that I finished two pictures for my six picture project. The second picture has lyrics that I wrote on it. It's a song that I wrote for someone dear to me... This person doesn't know I wrote it, so shhhh! Other than that, I have no idea what I'm going to do for the other images. Hopefully I'll figure something out.

Today I am probably going to film interviews of our family and their fails. This is going to be very interesting. I might post it on Youtube, so if I do I'll be sure to add a link! Have a good day!

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