Friday, June 25, 2010

Who am I? You sure you want to know? Here it is: I'm spider.... Just kidding, I wish.
Some people find me odd, some find me smart, and some find me pretty amazing. I beg to differ about the last one, but I'd say I'm just normal me-- if normal is even normal these days. Some say I'd pass for 21, others say I look younger than I am, but I'm actually a ripe age of about 16... Praying that I'll make it at least to 17. It's also funny that people say that I look, or looked like a girl, but that's because I had lusciously long hair-- curly long hair (so happy to cut it). Be assured that I grew my hair out for a good cause. Anyway, that's an extremely short BIO, an extreme to the extreme. I hope to see all my non existent followers another day!

Here's how my Thursday went...

Well, what can I say? My Thursday this week (June 24th) was not exactly the greatest day of my life. In fact, it might have been the worse. Ok, not really, but it wasn't good. I woke up, showered, then scooted of to mass at Domino's Farms. I was very late... Oh well, it still was a mass. My first class at WCC did not go too well. I wasn't hip-hopping away like I used to. Sad really. At least a friend gave me a delicious donut after class (Which I devoured the next morning) that made my day. Then, a few hours of pain and agony of doing a photoshop test, guess what!? I spend another hour trying to figure out how to open RAW files in photoshop. Just my luck! I finally found out, well, my sister did, but by that time it was late, so I went to sleep! Hence ending a very interesting day.

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