Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Three Times a charm? Charm is the Wrong Word.

Ok, lets get to some more basics about me--historical-wise. I'd have to say I'm a pretty decent guy, not to shabby at least. Lets just say I'm not easily slighted. Only three times, I repeat, three times I was slighted by fools. I'd have to say that number is charming, yet despicable. We will skip the first two, but the last one did me in. A so called "kind" young sir decided to not attend a swing dance last night. Good friend actually. This man savagely skipped the dance, like all the other times. Sick, just sick! He said he will be coming the next week. Yippy? I think not. I might just not even go.

Besides that, the dance was ok. Met some new people, got awkwardly asked by two girls at the same time... a bit confusing, but yeah, learned some new moves, and was just rocking out. Pretty interesting stuff... yep... Does it seem that I'm getting extremely bored? I think I am... Yeah...

I finished my Photoshop pictures!!!!!! So excited to print them out.

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