Monday, June 28, 2010

Wet, Tanned, and Lots of Ice Cream

So, today was a very eventful day! Woke up, tossed a football around, and then had breakfast. There are a lot of things that one can be addicted to, but let me tell you right now, that a blueberry bagel is the worst! Especially with tons of cream cheese on it. One word: delicious. Then, since the youngins wanted to over dose on ice cream, I just had to have some... To make sure they didn't have too much of course. Then only about 20 minutes later they wanted another bowl, so I had to intervene to save their pathetic lives from IceCreamostinosis (A disease only contracted if there is an ice cream-serving overdose. Very rare in monkeys and other wild life).

So, lets get to some basics: I fail, you fail, we all fail. So, I decided to be interviewed about my failings. The camera was running out of batteries, so it was brief, yet, I got frustrated and walked off, only to find myself trip and fall on the ground... FAIL. But, it was just for dramatic effect. Like most of the great things I say for do. Anyway, after that I spent a good time working out to get big and buff so people can call me the Lapinator. Not like that's gonna happen, but you never know, we didn't think we could go to the moon, right? Right...?

One more thing: water. Yep, lots of it. Tis the best when a volleyball net is put in it. Especially for parties. So, that's what I did! For a party which will be held held soon, I took out the net, drilled in some poles, and tied it on. Then a took a quick swim. Hoping to get a tan, I just stayed out for a while longer--switching sides for ultimate tanned perfection.

Other than that, I've been working my photoshopping. That's coming along. Only about a picture and a half left! So excited to get done. It's a nice day out, so go out side!!!!! Swing dancing tonight, and it is going to be a blast!!!!

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